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Corporate & Private Sector

BP REFINERY (BULWER ISLAND), People and Capability Advisor

“I have received excellent feedback from the two days that you ran last week. As I walk around the office, I am hearing heaps of chatter about the learning that people experienced and that is a great sign that we really started to provoke thought within our workplace. I just wanted to say thank you again for your genuine and authentic style of leading and facilitating, it got all of our leaders thinking which is exactly what we needed.”

DELOITTE, Senior Analyst

“I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed the session you ran this morning. To be honest, being born in a different country and from personal experiences with ‘bad behaviours’, I went to your session with a defensive mindset. However, the session really opened up my mind and I am no longer ignorant about this topic. Thank you very much for your time.”


“There was content that I was not aware of and the delivery by John Briggs, the facilitator was uplifting, informative, funny and on point.”
“The four hours felt like it had only gone for 20 minutes. I’ve been with Coles with many years and I’d have to say that this session was one of the most interesting, educational and diverse training that I’ve experienced. I thank you for supporting the program and providing me with some insight.”
“Everyone is raving about how great John Brigg’s training was. I also have just had a staff member tell me that in her 10 years working for this company that it was the best training she has ever done.”

COLES SUPERMARKET, Head of Indigenous Affairs

“Coles have worked with John Briggs Consultancy for over four years to deliver cultural diversity training to team members, managers and senior leaders across the business. John has a unique ability to connect and engage with an audience that makes him stand apart from other trainers. His understanding of the commercial environment and ability to clearly articulate why diversity is good for business ensures all participants understand the role they can play in supporting Coles’ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Plan.”

WESTPAC, Senior Credit Officer

“Thanks for today. Feedback has been great. You were brilliant!”

Early Years & Education Sectors


“The session that I and the students participated in was extremely valuable. It gave us all a great insight into our own bias and societies biases around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It was interesting and confronting to voice the perceptions that we had often heard in the media, from our friends and family about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. I loved that you incorporated examples from a range of cultures, this was really beneficial for the students that hadn’t been in Australia for very long as they could relate their understandings to their own cultures. It was interesting to talk with the students who have Aboriginal heritage within our class about what they had learnt, as they themselves didn’t know the harshness, trauma and exclusion that Aboriginal people endured throughout history. Thanks again!”


“I feel far more confident than I did prior to the session.”
“(What was most helpful) The content, Aboriginal history and an understanding of what lead to where we are today. Great workshop. Great activity ideas!”
“I have more understanding about Indigenous culture and activities to incorporate in our programs so that kids can learn.”
“I intend to make a difference to children’s lives, engaging children to explore more about Indigenous culture.”


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